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DECEMBER 11, 2011 ANNOUNCING: D'ESTINY THE ONLINE ADVENTURE IS HERE AND ON! D'ESTINY consists of 6 STORY-PARTS INCLUDING: THE SOUL ROCK PAINTERS (preface) EXIS, SAGE, LIGHT, STAR ROCK & DESTINY "From the dawn of time, the sound current lives. It is forever, and in the world, just as IT is in us, and so as Spirit, it lives, and so do we. Nothing can live outside of this essence, and knowing it is spiritual liberation."

WHAT'S ROCK GOT TO DO WITH IT? Rock has been here before man, and rock can transmit vibrations even better than the air. There is a key in the sound. D'estiny is now a story of 2012, but also much more. Enjoy the stories and find out what and why, of the woop and warp, of how our D'estiny transcends time and space, and know your D'estiny to become the living word within yourself, while still living in the world today. Destiny is more than Belief. We each are becoming a greater part of the Creation of the World. Take the journey, and live your love.

D'ESTINY'S INVITATION IS REAL: NOW on AMAZON KINDLE READER or sent by EMAIL - Expand your own journey through the universe and the heart of Love.

This is a remarkable adventure/romance fantasy/sci-fi children/humanity spiritual/drama story which pulls together the history of man, the universe, the planet, the world, the aliens, and life for man in the modern millenium (2012).

With the remarkable grand Story of the world, the 2012 climax celebration and opening the doorway of Light, the Adventures of Sage, The Fantasy Middle Earth Princess Child, The Lost Souls and ancient Star Rockers, The King and Queen survivors of New York City on September 11th, Solving the Atlantean Mystery and the story of Sage, the long lived Human-Alien on Earth, Elius the Blind Boy Mentat from Exis and the Litec Space hypnotism, the Rock Painters and the Great Meteor, the Half Blood Indian Little Bear and the Light Doorway Portal in the Smoky Mountains, the coming of the Star Light and the End Times. This all leads to the origin of Contact, and 2012 as a Union of Galactic and Earth's Ecliptic dimensions when lovers of God and Life have come together in modern times. D'estiny is a metaphor of God and The true Universal Light and Sound, and how we are channels for love, to come together or individually to learn how to paint the world on the road to heaven.

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Long ago, among the stone people, the Soul Rockers lived, and among them the twelve disciples of Rock. Big Rock was coming towards Earth, and so the rock legends of their time were brought together for one final hall of fame concert. Along with the veteran rock rollers was James Crown, Jimi Hendrocks, Crock Berry, Mick Jagged, Neil Rockalong, Simon Garockul, Tom Rutty, Kid Rocker, and the King, Elvis Pressure, alongside Krock Corain and a new hot female rocker, Flava Volcano.

The concert was famous all the world round, for the vibration of sound reached all the points of the globe. The aim was to deflect the star rock who had been given the concert vision by her visit to Big Rock. It seemed possible, but in the end, the space rock came and ended most life on Earth, including the living rockers who had once been above ground. But they had taken the sound underground, and within the rocks was the secret. This secret would be reborn in the living people who walked the earth, and especially to those who knew the secret of the sound. These were the reborn, the modern disciples of Rock, who brought with them the spiritual truth of rock. This was always a vision of freedom and the music of life, that through the sound in the spirit, we all may know the true history of rock, of man, and of the world, and the way of true spiritual freedom as well.

So here is the Soul Rocker, in the great Heart and Soul of Rock, as told to you by Paneagle, aka Peter, the namesake who will, like all of us, forever Rock On.

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The First Myth of the Rock People

Long ago before Man and his Ameriginal and Aboriginal tribes existed, there were the Rock people of the original earth. As the story of the Rock Legend goes, even if it is only a myth, this is also a true story.

The underworld was a hidden world. Here once were the rock people that lived below the sun and sky. For within the rocks was spirit, and within the Earth, was Soul. The rock people had a very happy civilization, for it was a time long past but also a long time in coming. While the Rockers lived, and flourished, they lived of a paradise on Earth. When the time came, the volcanic rocks had risen up into the sky as mountains, and the great rivers of lava built the land. The rock people survived of the living fire and earth that made them. It was then only the dead rock was above ground in the open air, but the living rock was alive, and the rockers still had not gone underground.

Long after the world had been first made, the Rock of Ages had been born. The story comes to us from this ancient Rock, still living today. It had been a Star Rock, like the planets that were formed of the light and elements, to become rocks in space orbiting the sun. The hard rock survives in time and is still within the earth, but at first it was only the molten base, with a life force we can say that still keeps the earth alive.

It was during a meteor storm about a 100 years ago that a large ball of rock came down from space, and exploded, extinguished by the heat, or splitting into fragmented pieces in the air above the earth. It sent out a wave of sound that cut through trees and made the ground split apart. As the shards of the meteor split, one landed near the ancient rock, the rock of ages laying alone in the Siberian tundra. It was at this time an open faced rock, and it had known all the ancient stories of the earth. It knew about the legend of Rock, and the Sound of forever.

The Rock of Ages was the first storyteller. The big rock instructed the space rock about the Earth and its ancient history, and told of the rock people who once lived so well. It knew that all that was here had come from someplace else, either of the soul that was of heaven, or of elements that were of the universe. It also knew it was just such a meteor that once landed and caused the rocks to be buried alive. It had been in his time and under the world that the rock people were always in communication. They spoke to each other through vibration, just like music, and it was through the sound of the Earth that they first heard and knew of Soul. The Rock knew the sound of the first Spirit, the principle that animated the first life on earth, and all the earth that was unified in this belief.

The living Rock produced sound and learned to make music, the first principle form of communication. It would follow through millenia that the great legends of Rock were formed. These most famous rockers lived as the legends of rock, such as Crock Berry, Elvis Pressure, Jimi Hendrocks, and Mick Jagged. There was always in each time a rocker that would became rock ruler of the world.

The Rock tradition continued on. In each year, they presented the music in the great cave underground ampitheatre where rock music originated. Each had found his year of greatness, by winning the yearly battle of the bands. For the soul of rock and roll was indeed the true soul of earth that was also to become the residence for the first living soul in man.

So it was, for centuries, until the time when the rocks would indeed be rocked in the next great earth Cataclysm. This was some 500,000 years ago. It was also the time when the great STAR ROCK fell, and the living monsters above and below land feared their own end. The Rockers and the Beasts had lived pretty much in their separate ways. When the meteor came, the great dust cloud hid the sun, and all living life died. The rockers lived on, only now the living rocks lived underground, and only knew the great music within. It was then the Soul of the rhythm of the Earth lived within the Earth.

This was all in preparation for the new life, coming into the world as Man, up until this modern day. Even as the Soul of the legends lives in the Soul of man, who was reborn in living body, but would not know this great secret. Each of us holds this Soul, and can realize in the inner music that the great sound is within us, and is the life of the living spirit. This, the rock of ages knew, can also set each of us free. This spirit lives in man today, unseen, unknown, just as the rock legends who once passed. The storyteller sent this message to the Space Rock, but he was also telling the story to all of man.

The true history of those final days was written in that ancient time. The trees and rock record the tales. Today the living rocker knows the living rock and roll. Not that it is the one music of the spirit, but it is what the human being understands of it, and what makes them feel the music, and dance in their spirit. This then is the story of the well of man, from those days to today, when each of us is once again reborn. we may know the true heritage, and return to the original spirit, within the sound and light that makes the world, and this is of the spirit that is that one in all life.

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"Here is the JOURNEY and here is a SOUND. Listen, listen, listen, for there is much to the sweet song, this call, the cry of Love." paneagle

60 OF THE 60'S
60 of the SIXTEES!

What made the 60's MUSIC great was the spirit in the sound. It was genuine, original, independent, universal, and spiritual. (*The period was 1956 to 72, and 69 was the peak) All we have had since is the ECHO. That's why these recordings are special. Into the Mystic, Amoreena, Shelter from the Storm, indeed.


A TO Z (26) BEST 60 STYLE: (Hearts and Diamonds)
Allman Brothers “Live at Fillmore East” plus "Eat a Peach" Beach Boys “Good Timing” Cat Stevens Best of Dylan’s “Shelter” Elton John’s “Connection“
Fleetwood Mac “Mystery Future Trees” Grateful “Garcia” Hendrix “Nine to the Universe” Paul “Rhymin” Simon and Garfunkel Airplane “Flights”
Carole King “Tapestry Garden” Love “Forever Changes”
Moody Blues “Days of Future Passed” and “Seven Chord Children”
Neil Young “Harvest Moon Time” Joni Mitchell “Blue Canyon Cactus”
Pink Floyd “Echoes” Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street"
Santana “Wind” Traffic and Winwood Jethro TULL “Benefit Stand Aqualung”
Van Morrison “Into the Music” Who's Next “Lifehouse”
Byrds High Zeppelin Lead Q is Buffalo Springfield "Retrospective"
X is CSN first 'Marrakesh' and "Deja Vu"

SECOND 26 (Spades and Clubs)
YArdbirds Beatles Abbey Road Cream Disraeli Gears Doors Eagles Fleetwood Mac 1975 and Rumours Grateful “Live”Dead American Beauty Hendrix Axis Experience Ladyland JanIs JoplIn Joni Mitchell Jackson Browne Kinks
Lovin Spoonful Moby Grape Ricky NelsoN Roy Orbison Procul Harem
Robbie Robertson and the Band Steppenwolf James Taylor 1st album
Chuck Berry "Johnny Be Good" Velvet Underground Johnny Winter's Yes Songs Frank Zappa Hot Rats Q Peter Paul and Mary 'questions' X Mamas and the Papas

8 Rhythm and Soul
Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Sam and Dave, Smokey and the Miracles, Supremes and Temptations

To find the 60 "Worthy" BOX SETS of the 60's - see below. or email Paneagle - he has a compilation list of songs for a 80 minute CD length for each artist group. Email paneagle7 at (This post was compiled on 60th avenue as I was nearing age 60) For the music and the muse, with Love, forever.


Something's going on here, what it is was not exactly clear, but I got a heart of soul, and my love opens the door, for music is love, everybody's saying it, and imagine it, in a moment you will see, you have risen above the world, to fly,
all along the watchtower, to the field of dreams, when the door opened in 65', and the summer of love or the summer of 69', we were humble and barely alive, i fire and rain, a bridge over troubled water on the night they drove old dixie down, but we free birds keep on rockin in the free world.

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SOL ROCKER is ORPHEUS, a SOUL sharing of music and composed writing, the listener and singer and speaker and muse in us all, and one who has heard the sound and wishes all to know its pure beauty. This is the story and the musical epic of our times, a life led in knowing the music and the songs, and expressing the channel of which all music, sound, words, and living life come from.



On the night with a increasing full moon high in the sky facing bright Capella and flying Orion and old Taurus above the Hudson river and New York City, a music man was born to a household with a piano, recordings, the radio and weekend jazz music. He took up drums early on, not yet knowing guitar was his mode, and writing his voice. After he heard Neil Young's Heart of Gold and Bob Dylans' Freewheelin, and the deep roots of folk and rock had been set from the first days of Elvis and Bill Haley and Buddy Holly. But he had already heard Ella, Nat Cole, and Frank Sinatra long before he recognized who they were, and Bo and Fats and Chubby led the way along with Chuck and Muddy underneath the backbeat of sound. Now Orpheus lives in them all, but who would recall, or believe he was still alive, today?

They say Rock may have actually been born in 56', but it took root long before, in the deep jungle or by coastal waters, in the ancient rhythms re-routed from Africa and Ireland and even before in the Persian, Nordic and Germanic people who migrated out from the root races of Mesopatamia, probably sourced in even deeper patterns before that.

First came the sound, and later the tools, of the drum and the dancing, the harmonics of bird song and wind or rain, repeated in the music that was a stable of all cultures. Just as the same air was breathed by Shakespeare and Dante and Plato before them, the myth of Orpheus came of the ancients, then born in every man.

Then as the Gods play on, early was Orpheus exploring the pastures and deserts, the great mountains or the woods and oceans. And so it was the seeker of soul, the Sol Rocker, was himself found far beyond his 4-acre house line, from or through the old road trails to the railroad tracks, often resting and just listening to nature, or the wind, or the sound of silence. It was a calm where he could hear music in the earth. There was little movement of man, and this he felt but did not know, had taken place outside the circle of the world where he walked. Recalling unseen worlds and lifetimes, perhaps walking with an Indian, or a pioneer, or as a soldier, or sailor, listening always for the sound, or the voice. He was taking other explorations from an unknown past, and he felt it, like the music, that did not know its' source. The search was on.

Now Orpheus is missing. Like the wind and ocean gone calm, he had disappeared before, but this time his wife has called us to find him, because this time he was never more satisfied with his life. And she seeks him still. So we ask you, the sound person, because Orpheus may have gone away, but we know this time it's different. His history holds clues to his whereabouts, for a wave always comes and always goes. When Neil Young spoke of the Southern Man, and the unknown legend, he speaks to Orpheus. And every song is a symphony too. Wee haven't found the true mystery yet, spoken of in the oracle at Delphi, which Orpheus was once apart. That's why we want to find him. It is to find ourselves.

Now we do have the story to tell. The story lives, because it may be the music is failing now, falling below its intended return to the source, and the world is in need of music, and its source, the sound, for if not, then all is lost. And it has to come through a channel, the musical one, the Orpheus. First, you may know him as we do, and maybe you can bring him home, or help us find him. He may have gone undercover, or was kidnapped. We just don't know, for if he is like a cat, he may have yet another life.


Today, we know, the Legend lives on. The songs have been written, the music has been made, the musicians live in their mansions or seclusions, or they have gone and passed on, and the people continue to wonder just the same. We may not be able to forget the legacy. More, the legacy is really something we need to know, because the 'sound' could be much more than we know. Orpheus is the soul rocker, and if he needs to be laid to rest, it could mean the music dies with him. But if he is like you and I, his spirit lives on. This is the mystery of Orpheus.



"Sunset in your eyes" copyright WORDS AND MUSIC 2008 Eagle Works

TOP 60 OF THE 60'S

Original 52 rock (2 for every letter) and 8 rhythm Soul stars

Allmans airplane beatles beach boys csny cream/clapton dylan doors elvis elton john fleetwood mac pink floyd grateful dead/garcia genesis hendrix holly paul simon joni mitchell janis joplin joe walsh/eagles kinks carole king love lovin spoonful moody blues mamas and papas

Neil young/buffalo springfield ricky nelson roy orbison ozzy pretenders petty queen rolling stones robbie robertson and the Band santana steppenwolf james taylor CaT stevens ChUck berry jethro tUll Van morrison velvet underground who winwood /Traffic yardbyrds bYrds zappa Zeppelin and Q and X factors U2 / Jackson Browne moby grape represent continuity, currency, and individual groups.

Sam Cooke James Brown Aretha Franklin Michael Jackson Marvin Gaye Muddy Waters Otis Redding Bob Marley

12 disciples of modern rock: Peter (Townshend), John (Lennon), James (Hendrix), James (Brown), Philip (Collins) or Michael (Philip) Jagger, Thad (Thelonius Monk) Paul (Mccartney), (paul) Simon, James (Taylor), Matthew's (Dave), (B J) Thomas, (David Clayton) Thomas "One Child", or Ray (Thomas) and Justin Hayward (moody blues), Nathaniel (King Cole), Judas - Dylan (once was called), McCartney ("Hey Jude"), Nathalniel (King Cole),Andrew (Loog Oldham) of rolling stones producer and Andrew (Lloyd Webber) Stage.


Where we see WHAT IS IN A NAME is also the sound or living word coming through the players or musician or songs, these twelve 'apostles' issued key songs such as Imagine, Let My love open the door, All you need is love, Fire and Rain, All along the Watchtower, I feel Good, Genesis, God gave me, Sound of Silence, In search of the lost Chord, Unforgettable and key styles of folk, rock, R and B, soul, gospel, country, blues, show, production and intrumental sound.

The definitive original rock and roll of fame? This is our list.

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TOP 60 OF THE 60'S

12 Disciples of Rock - Key Names and Memorable Songs
John Lennon - "Imagine", "All You Need is Love"
Neil Young - (Nathaniel) "Mr. Soul", "Keep on Rockin' in the free world"
Peter Townsend - "Pure and Easy", "Let My Love Open the Door"
James Hendrix - "Axis Bold as Love", "All Along the Watchtower"
Paul Simon - "Sound of Silence", "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
James Brown - "I Feel Good"
James Taylor - "Fire and Rain"
Phil Collins - ('Genesis')
Dave Matthews - "Satellite" and "Two Step"
David Clayton Thomas - 'One Child' / Justin (Hayward) and (Ray)Thomas of Moody Blues - "Night in White Satin" - and B.J. Thomas, christian country singer.
Andrew - has at least three persons just as Thomas did. Andrew lloyd Webber (broadway theatre songs) and Andrew Loog Oldham (manager of rolling stones) and Andy Gibb, youngest of the Bee Gees.
Judas (related) - Bob Dylan "Blowin in the Wind" and "All Along the Watchtower"
Paul McCartney - "Hey Jude"

(Dylan was once called Judas for changing from acoustic to electric music. Saint Paul was not an original disciple, and in fact to some, changed the basics of Christianity worship to a more acceptable social context. McCartney like Paul survives the Beatles but was not the spiritual origin of the band as John was. However he remains a lead figure in the band.)

Associated: Judy Garland - "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
John Phillips - (Mamas and the Papas) "Dedicated to the One I love"
with Michael Philip (Mick) Jagger "Satisfaction"
Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul, and Mary) and Pete Seeger
James Taylor - "Fire and Rain"
Nathaniel King Cole - "Unforgettable" "L.O.V.E"
John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival); "Who'll stop the Rain"
James Morrison (Doors) - "The End" and "Light My Fire"
We can include among the 72 that followed or prededed them are the ROCK AND ROLL DISCIPLES OF FAME among them are Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Brian Wilson, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Greg and Duane Allman, Roger McGuinn, Mick Fleetwood, Bruce Springsteen, Chrissie Hynde, Prince, Madonna, among others.

These are the songs and singers of the modern day spiritual messages cached in modern music style. The key component of music and of all life is the sound current, the spiritual vitality within all great songs and said to be within all existence. This sound leads us all towards the Spiritual realization. The twelve disciples of Rock were principle in modern music in developing this natural adaptation of the principle of sound to express the principles to the world, and re-establish that conscious link with the spiritual current.


The 12 disciples of Modern Music (Rock, Blues & Jazz)
(All were speakers, innovators, leaders, rebels, and martyrs in some way)

John Lennon, Paul Simon, Pete Townshend, Thelonius Monk (Thaddeus), James Hendrix, James Taylor, Phil Collins and John Phillips, Nathaniel King Cole, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Paul Simon, Dave Matthews, and David Clayton Thomas lastly, Bob Dylan who once was called Judas when he switched to play electric from acoustic folk sound. Dylan of course holds a place of distinction which is not clearly a traitor as much as rebel or rock leader, as all great innovative artists are. He is one who passed on the legacy of the disciples of sound and song. We may also include Paul Mccartney who was the 12th Disciple who sang "Hey Jude" and was like Saint Paul or even Judy Garland who sang over the rainbow. Paul did became an associate disciple of Christ after his death, a provides example of an important message and icon in the modern rock musical movement.

A disciple is one who serves the Master. The Master nrings us life, in the form of music and sound. Rock is our modern form of music that is within the sound of spirit that sings through the Soul. In spirit, we find freedom, truth, love and beauty, through all and in all. Each of the twelve disciples holds a name of one of the original 12 disciples. These repeat the coming of the 12 elemental disciples that are naturally part of the world, in all times, just as they were in modern times.

In modern music, these 12 were instruments in modern day service to the spirit of sound and light in music and the world. They each served in their own area, and led a movement or new spring of the original sound through music in the particular vein which produced all the forms of music (these include rock, blues, jazz, country, pop, folk, vocal groups, rhythm and blues, soul, metal, alternative, and fusion.

Many of the disciples crossed the barriers of musical type and were the disciples of the beauty of song, and music in modern times. We may notice these twelve are like to the original 12 of Christian times, many martryrd and fallen, they lost the way or were taken from us, but all of us can see alive or dead, that in some form they are immortal, in the sense of keeping the music alive, and each was a channel for and a messenger of the original message, however they may express it. So we see the theme of beauty, love and happiness along with creativity, service, and spirit, all within the greatest music we may hear or know.


We can say the history of the disciple names are seen in many regards to modern or ancient times, in artists of history and those such as Johann Bach, Amadeus (Thadeus) Mozart, Dylan Thomas, or Matthew Brady. In whatever artistic field, each attempts to demonstrate or recreate the beauty of sound and light in particular forms. In fact, all artists and performers are disciples of the sound current, with some particular channel or talent, and just as individuals may see themselves leaders for an era, we can list even more of these associates (we may list 72 followers or perhaps the 144 saints of modern music). We are not making these all religious icons, but showing the greater view of what it means to be a disciple of the true human spirituality, of which music is one of those special expressions.

The 12 Modern Disciples have a place in history: John Lennon of the Beatles, Pete Seeger and Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary, Thelonius Monk Jazz instrumentalist, Neil Young, or even Nathaniel King Cole, John Phillips of Mamas and the Papas, Producer Andrew Loog Oldham of the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel, David Clayton Thomas of Blood Sweat and Tears, James Hendrix of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, James Brown, the Father of Soul, or James Morrison of the Doors who could be called James the lesser or James the last. we see Dave Matthews of the band with his name in a later following. Many have died or had difficult times during their lifetimes and achieved notoriety or definition as the Martyr, just as all the disciples were. Andrew loog Oldham produced the White infusion of black music in the Rolling Stones, greatest pure rock and roll band of the era, and was later released from control of production even though he did adapt the group to a modern sound. Thelonius Monk was a great innovator whose standards in jazz are most often played. He was among others a Jazz icon who had greater recognition or make a notable successful recording. They all made great contributions to the appreciation of rock, rhythm and blues for listening to the modern sound.

THE SPECIAL SONGMAKERS - John Lennon was the Messiah of Modern Rock and Roll, leading the most influential and recognized band in the world. Peter Yarrow brought together the Folk Humanitarian movement to world wide attention with simple melodies and a group context, both within, and without their music. Thelonius Monk ushered modern jazz improvisation of the essential sound word of music. Nat King Cole was an original presenter of the voice into blues, jazz, and rhythm and blues intepretation with soulful attention breaking through the barrier of race, in a pure way leading many others behind him. John Phillips most memorably led the folk pop rock generation with the freedom and love movement. Paul Simon's sweet ballad and "sound of silence" arrangements also included the transition multi-ethnic or internationally inspired unity. David Clayton Thomas soulful interpretations of pop spirit in larger context of universal man. James Hendrix's most dynamic solo guitar artist in the world heralded electronic and universal themes. Jim Morrison related the spoken word and independence spirit.


Why these 12? We can also appreciate others in this group, who did not have the Christian names. It is more than coincidence the twelve share them, but we add one of many in the person of Jerry Garcia, whose special talents and voicing gave him immortality that led an entire generation to open space and beyond linear concepts. Finally, in modern terms, Dave Matthews expanded the modern generation in fusion of blues and rhythm jazz expression, speaking of man as a whole spirit, even if still and always individual. However imperfect there lives are, they are all heralds and prophets in their own way taking up the living word as best they understood it.

We shall see others appear to take on the twelve disciples, and we see many others with the same christian names, and just as before, the world received the message of the many mansions and the light of the world, through the voice, word, or sound of Soul, that comes through its pure and true voice. You see the voice of the twelve disciples never dies, because it has always existed, even before civilization and modern music began. That is why we love and know such sound when we hear it. The 60's may have been opening the door, but it was an old door waiting to be heard.